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“I highly recommend Fortunato as an owner. They are great at finding well qualified tenants and do a great job documenting/repairing damage and handling deposits. They are very detail oriented and I love that. They don’t charge much to manage my units and are always willing to work with me when it comes to maintenance, repairs, and upgrade projects. They are a professional company that deals with a lot of BS and I appreciate everything they do for me and my rental units.”
~Colleen S.
“Hands down the best long term rental company in the county!!! Don’t use anyone else.”
~ David S.
“I would highly recommend Mike and his staff at Fortunato Properties for all of your property needs. I have used them since 2008, and they have been absolutely wonderful and incredibly reliable. They perform weekly security checks on our property and they treat each visit as if they owned the property themselves. I receive a thorough email detailing each visit complete with photos of the property. If our property needs any kind of maintenance, the staff will either solve the issue themselves, or they know who to turn to when a specialist is needed. Fortunato Properties takes the anxiety away from being apart from our second home.”
“Mike Ridolfi and his team at Fortunato Properties have been servicing my home with weekly security checks for the past two years. I am in residence only for the winter ski season and then my property is rented out on a short-term basis. One would think that the increase in traffic would cause wear and tear on my home but because of the diligence of the Fortunato Property team any issues in regards to maintenance and repairs are identified and dealt with before it becomes a problem. I feel like my home is in better condition now, despite the rentals, than it was when I lived in it full time and I credit Fortunato Properties for that. I own another home in a different part of the country that is property managed and Fortunato Properties far exceeds the other in terms of delivery of their service, reliability and genuine good nature of its staff.”
~Jane Barber